VOLT’D was founded in 2019 by a trio of founders with the goal of being a leading developer and distributor of best-in-class automotive and street culture products and bring them to a worldwide audience. In addition to in-house developed and sourced products, VOLT’D collaborates with suppliers and brand principles to create bespoke editions of products.

The founders of VOLT’D combine to make a complete consideration of what is needed to create the kind of company and products as befitting the scope of the company.

VOLT’D operates both online retail as well as physical retail channels via dealer partners.


To be a leading light and driving force in innovation and development within the automotive and street culture industries - VOLT’D envisions a future where we work with suppliers and customers to make the best products even better and more applicable to a wider spectrum of users and where none exist, to create these concepts and products from the ground up.

We believe that at the heart of every product developed or distributed by VOLT’D is a unique blend of technology, art and emotion. We aim to help users recognize the beauty and authenticity of this blend by providing the levels of support that the products and, most importantly, users deserve.


To provide users with unsurpassed products, service and support by creating a strong network of support and innovative community and marketing approaches. The ultimate realization of the mission is that people have an appreciation and connection with VOLT’D products that is unrivaled by anyone in the industry.

VOLT’D hopes to lead a movement to promote greater interest, participation, awareness, responsibility and tolerance among both automotive enthusiasts and the uninitiated - we want to cultivate a healthy respect and appreciation for automotive and street culture on both sides to break stereotypes and have a more harmonious atmosphere and long-term health for the community and interest.


VOLT’D will collaborate with stakeholders at all levels to create a community and ecosystem that is sustainable, responsible, innovative, inclusive and forward thinking. The aim is always to work together with stakeholders to realize the best outcomes (products, services, emotions).

Innovate - A VOLT’D Product is always an upgrade or a step up

Iterate - Always investigate, test and prove every product or service thoroughly before it reaches the hands of users based on the principles of Sangen Shugi - Real Time, Real Parts, Real Place, Real Facts

Act as ONE - VOLT’D started as the vision of three founders who came together to create a complete team. We complete each other to become ONE. Everyone who joins the VOLT’D community as a staff, dealer or customer should add to the harmony and help to further complete the puzzle.

Selflessness, Accountability and Integrity - VOLT’D has a large responsibility and that can only be realized if everyone operates with the combination of Selflessness, Accountability and Integrity Selflessness is realizing that, in the long term, serving the community and vision has greater worth than short-term gains or ambitions.